Online you can play at thousands of different video slots. And every month new are added. At you can play the best online video slots. Video slots are very popular worldwide and are being played by millions. Go and play video slots now!

Playing at video slots

Video slots are available both for free and  for real money. Since we are no real online casino you can only play video slots for free here. We did place some banners in order for you to be able to find some good online casinos where you can play at video slots for real money. You will have to register an account at these online casinos to be able to play. At our site you can play for free and without registering. The only drawback is that you can’t play for money, for everything else we only have advantages:

  • Play without downloading or registration
  • Free and unlimited
  • Only the most popular video slots!

Which video slot do you want to play?

At the right side of your screen you can find a list of a dozen well-known and worldwide popular video slots. You can play at a  video slot immediately by clicking on the screenshot. A new window opens where you can play video slots immediately. As I said ‘no downloading or registering. Loading the slot machine takes less than 10 seconds. Then you can play unlimited. When you run out of free play money than you can play again by reloading the page or by choosing a new slot. Have fun!

More info about video slots

Slots have been the most popular games in casinos for years. Both online and live. Hop in a casino and look around you. It is likely that more than half of the area of the casino is filled with video slots. In many cases it is also these slots where the casino gains its highest revenues.

The appeal of this casino game is probably that with a relatively small investment you have a chance at great prices. Many slots have a jackpot. The amount of the jackpot depends on the popularity of the video slot and how often the jackpot is won. Online you can even have jackpots of several millions. This is of course because some slots are being played by thousands of players worldwide at the same time. This allows the jackpot to be incredibly high.

Another advantage of playing video  slots is that you can play on your own. You don´t need another player  and have nothing to worry about. Just press a button and see if the luck is on your hand. For these players playing can be a kind of relaxation. Of course, players must be careful that this gambling doesn´t become a  habit. And as a player you should be careful that you don´t gamble with money that you really shouldn´t lose. The danger of video slots is in fact called ‘addiction’. There is probably no other casino game where the risk of gambling addiction is as high as at video slots.

A third advantage is the variety of video slots. Where once many video slots were very alike with 3 reels and 3 rows with some cherries, lemons, bells and jokers, today there is quite a different. Especially online video slots are, in some cases, just an elaborate game in itself. With introduction movies, story lines, characters, interactive bonus rounds, special features, etc. And it appears that many people really like this and we have some of these slot games listed on our website. On the other hand, there are people who prefer video slots that are a bit clearer. Not too many paylines and not too much different symbols is important. For this, we have several video slots included in our offer also. So there is something for everyone!

How do video slots work?

Video slots are set for a particular pay-out percentage. This implies that for each deposit there is a certain percentage pay-out. In real casinos this is usually around 90%. For every € 1000 that is paid at the video slot € 900 is paid back. This is an average. Otherwise there would be no one to play, of course. The big advantage of online video slots is that the pay-out percentage is much higher. In some casinos, this is even more than 98%! That is quite a difference. This is obviously because online video slots cost less than real casinos. In addition, people often play more and longer on online video slots.

Winning combinations of slots are formed by a so-called ‘RNG’. RNG stands for Random Number Generator. The RNG is also called the heart and soul of a slot machine. The RNG is a chip that determines the outcome of a turn. Each time you press the button on the slot machine the RNG generates a random set of numbers. These numbers correspond to symbols on the slot machine. The more different symbols and pay lines, the more different the RNG can yield results. Even if the video slot isn’t being played on the RNG is still running.

You sometimes hear of players that call a video slot is “HOT” or “COLD”. In reality, this is impossible. A slot is 100% random. If a video slot gives you a winning combination a few times in a row, this  is pure coincidence. The opportunity to play and win again is as big as the previous slot when no winning combinations is given. The only reason this kind of myths exist is that people want to have influence on the game. This is dangerous. If you think you can influence the slot (or actually the RNG) influence or that you can crack the code, this is a first symptom of addiction. You always lose from slots in the long run. The only thing you can do to win is occasionally play and have as much fun as possible and if you ever have the good fortune to hit a large jackpot … THEN STOP!

Playing video slots free

Video slots can also be great fun if you play them for free. Of course, to be able to make money with gambling brings more excitement, but relaxation is also very important. Unlike real casinos you can play for free at online casinos. So you don´t have to risk your hard-earned money when playing video slots online. In almost all online casinos you can play the games for free. Often you do not even register an account at the casino. You can just play directly through the website of the online casinos and choose from 100 + casino games. Video slots are obviously a big part of these games. Also online half the games of casinos are video slots. So there’s enough choice.

But you can also play at our website for the best video slots, of course. Just select a video slot from the right menu and start gambling for free immediately! Unfortunately you  can’t win money, but losing is also impossible!

Play slots now

Below you see the screenshots of a couple of popular video slots. Click at a screenshot to play that video slot for free. No download required!

Play the Video Slot "Elements"

Play the Video Slot “Elements”

Play the video slot "Jack and the Beanstalk"

Play the video slot “Jack and the Beanstalk”

Play the video slot "Mega Fortune"

Play the video slot “Mega Fortune”

Play the video slot "Mega Fortune"

Play the video slot “Mega Fortune”

Play the video slot "Wild Rockets"

Play the video slot “Wild Rockets”