Slot machines are a way that a person can gamble. Every year, the casinos of such places like Reno, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas, are filled with people who head right for the video slot area of these gambling facilities. Playing video slots is very popular, and to keep up with the demand for bigger and better games, the makers of slot machines are always coming out with new and more exciting ways for the video slot lovers to play and win. One of the newest slot machines to come out is Elements – The Awakening.

The four basic elements are fire, earth, air and water. Imagine how much fun it would be to incorporate the elements of nature into a video slot machine? Earth, air, water, and fire are part of the five reels, which really make the game very exciting. When a player plays the slots, any of these elements lining up can activate free games that can help the player get even more money. In order to gain access to the free game area, there has to be one of the four elements lined up on the reels.

A great thing about the Elements- The Awakening slot machine is the fact that the bonus features can help a player get ten, twenty five, fifty, or seventy five free spins. The video slot will automatically start spinning and all a player has to do is sit back and watch their winnings add up. What other great bonuses are there with this fun video slot? A person playing this slot machine can play up to twenty lines. The betting range is twenty cents all the way up to one hundred dollars. A player that is really winning at this slot can win up to seventy five hundred dollars!

Earth, air, water, and fire, are the four basic elements found in nature. Slot machines are a lot of fun that can be entertaining with every spin of the reel. The Elements – The Awakening slot machine is brand new from the brilliant minds at Net Entertainment. With the Elements slot machine, a player can play as many as twenty lines and when they line up the elements they can activate bonus features that can help a player get a lot of money. The grand prize for the Elements- The Awakening video slot is seventy five hundred dollars, and who knew that twenty pennies can lead to such big bucks? Slot machines are a lot of fun, and the Elements machine is the newest way for a person to have good clean fun.