Fruit Machines

It is no secret that the visual appeal of a slot machine can literally make or break its success. Different sybmols have different meanings attached to them, depending on your culture. Since it is necessary to provide slot machine symbols that will attract and engage people from all corners of the globe, the variety of symbols is tremendous. The fruit slot machine, originally found in the UK, is common to find in British pubs and restaurants all over the area. They are different from standard slot machines because they have an element of skill built into the game play that is not present in traditional machines. Players have the ability to influence the pay line combinations, therefore creating better chances of winning! However, these machines also have a much easier chance of being influenced in the wrong direction, and odds can be turned against the player’s luck. Many claim that this is a huge part of the fruit machine excitement.

Special features at Fruit Machines

Just like every other popular slot machine, fruit machines have a few elements that differentiate them from the rest. First and foremost, if a machine does not have a ‘nudge’ or ‘hold’ button, they aren’t real fruit machines. These limited-use buttons are supposed to give the upper hand to the player. The nudge button allows the player to give a little extra push to the real if they feel it will produce a winning pay line, and the hold button allows them to stop one (or two) of the reels, while continuing to spin the rest. The gamble feature gives you a chance to turn your winnings into an even larger jackpot, but also gives you a chance to lose all winnings in an instant. The bonus board and cash ladder are two other features that keep players coming back time and time again. The bonus board is an exciting feature that gives players the chance to win extra holds or nudges, as well as collect token bonuses. However, this also provides for extra chances to lose, which adds to the excitement of the game. The cash ladder is a series of stars or other symbols that have a continually moving beam of light. The goal is to hit the stop button in order to land on the featured symbol, which is one more way of multiplying winnings.

A first glance at a fruit machine might give the impression it is just a standard, three real slot machine with bright colors and fancy lights. However, understanding the unique and distinguishing features of this wholesome looking slot can give you the upper hand in the competition and raise your odds of winning (for a change!).