Mega Fortune

For those who love the excitement of video slots, but not the crowd and the noise from a real casino, Mega Fortune provides a great opportunity to play online, directly from the browser, without having to download or install anything on your computer.

Play the Mega Fortune video slot

Mega Fortune has five spinning reels, with 25 possible winning combinations. While the computer calculates the wins automatically for you when the reels stop spinning, it is of course wise to take your time and review the possible winning combinations before hitting the slot machine. And you can do that without paying anything, as you can play Mega Fortune as a guest player, until you decide whether you want to try it for real cash or not. As a guest player, you get to see exactly the same slot machine with the same rules as the paying players, so this provides a great way to evaluate Mega Fortune without any risks involved. You don’t even have to create an account or input your credit card details in order to test the slot machine, so there’s no waiting time, you can start right away.

The application itself is user-friendly, with entertaining music and sound effects – which you can turn off, if you prefer so. (Depending on the site where you play the game, it may not have all the additional effects enabled.)

Various combinations and different numbers of symbols give you different rewards. For instance, 3 queens get you 4 coins, 3 diamond watches get 15 coins, and so up, up to the jackpot, 5 yachts, which get 10,000 coins. The value of each coin varies according to your initial bet. The value of the bet can be between 0.01 and 0.50, in different currencies, including USD, EUR, and GBP – so you don’t have to stress with currency conversion calculations, and you can bet in your own currency.

For people who play using real money, there are also progressive jackpots available (rapid progressive jackpot, major progressive jackpot, and mega progressive jackpot), whose values are displayed in game. A portion of each bet made is added to the progressive jackpots, but additional conditions apply if you want to qualify for winning them. For the mega jackpot, for instance, there is a requirement of 100 coins (4 coins for each of the 25 lines).

There are many additional goodies to be found in the game; for instance, the wild symbol (which, in this case, is a yacht) acts as a substitute for any other symbol, except for the champagne. The champagne itself is a scatter symbol, same as the fortune wheel – meaning that they just have to be up on screen in order to win, not necessarily in an enabled payline. Three or more champagne symbols grant a free spin, which uses the same bets as the spin that triggered it.

Overall, Mega Fortune is completely addictive and fun, and has the potential to change your life – or at least to keep the dreams alive until you hit the jackpot. And, if you decide to use the auto-play feature, you won’t even have to spend a lot of time on it, just log in to check the winnings when you can.