Mobile video slots

As the mobile gadgets become more and more sophisticated, it’s time for video slots to advance into a new age as well. Back in time, when slots used to be only mechanical, betting used to be a bit like a ritual: players would take a night off from other activities, they would always sit on the same machine, their lucky one, they would order the same drinks that brought them luck once, and so on. Things have changed when video slots were introduced, and now it’s time for one more step: mobile slots, which you can play everywhere, at any given time, using the most ridiculous lucky charms without drawing attention to yourself.

If you’ve ever felt like you could be a millionaire, as long as you could hit the casinos dressed in your favorite pajamas and wearing a hat made of rabbit’s feet, now you can do that, and nobody would think you’re a weirdo.

Play video slots on your mobile phone

For most gamblers, playing video slots on the mobile phone is just the next logical step, and should not present any particular challenges. They are in no way different from regular online slots, that you can play from your computer. The only difference is that now you’re no longer attached to the computer, and you can try your luck on the subway, or from a pub, or even from an office meeting, as long as you can hide the cell phone discreetly under the table.

There are over 100 casino-style sites today, that enable mobile gambling, and the number is expected to increase in the following years. For the time being, the industry is not as developed as it might have been, because many countries have not yet decided on a clear set of policies regarding online gambling. As it usually happens, the legislative frame is still trying to catch up with the realities of everyday life. In Europe, for example, things vary from one country to another, as the European Union did not implement a unified policy on online gambling. In some countries this may be a state monopoly, in others it’s completely banned, and yet others have no prohibitive laws at all. Therefore, specialists in the field consider that the current market is just about a quarter of what it might have been, but things will surely improve in the near future.

In the meantime, about one tenth of people who own a smartphone have tried mobile slots, within three months of purchasing their mobile gadget.

The mobile video slots are a lot more fun and more diverse than the mechanical ones used to be. You get a lot of different combinations, funny symbols, themed games, and additional playing options that can keep you busy for many hours. Just like the regular slots, the bets are usually small amounts, from 1 to 50 cents, rarely more than that, but the winning possibilities are considerable.

You can now hit the jackpot – literally – even if you haven’t been in a real casino in your entire life. Even if you don’t want to use real money, many of these video slots offer the opportunity to play for fun.