Unibet Casino

If you’re going to gamble online, you might as well do it at the industry leaders. And, without any doubt, one of today’s leaders is Unibet. A freakishly long list of awards supports this statement, but, more importantly, millions of happy gamblers prove that Unibet is one of the best online casinos, one that you should definitely try sooner, rather than later.

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Why play at Unibet Casino

What’s so special about Unibet? Well, first of all, the security and fairness systems are state of the art. No effort was sparred to insure that your transactions are safe, that your data cannot be accessed without permission, and the games themselves have been developed in compliance with the existing standards, for all players to get a fair chance at winning. Few other online casinos can afford to be so open about their auditing system – and the way they do business at Unibet simply shows how confident they feel about what they are doing.

Once you know your credit card details are safe, you surely want to hear more about the types of games available, and the answer is simply everything. Unibet has the games available in any regular casino, with an instant play feature – you just log in and you can start placing bets immediately. More than that, several games, such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are also available in real time, with real players. You can use the in-game chat function to talk with other players or with the dealer, and playing against real human beings is always more fun than beating the computer. If you’re done chatting, you can always turn to the video slots, or progressive jackpots, or any of the other flash games available on the site.

The progressive jackpots are particularly interesting, with Unibet having a history of wins of over one million euro. In fact, the biggest win to date reached over 11 million euro – that’s a little amount you should keep in mind while playing.

History of Unibet

When it was first launched, Unibet was a sports betting system – and a great one, for all it matters. They still retain the sports betting component, while adding the other features as well. The success of the site is partly due to the fact that they didn’t just capitalize on their sports betting fame; they input some real effort into re-creating the entire casino experience.

The flash, browser-based games load almost instantly, and lagging is almost non-existent. However, you can also download and install a version of Unibet’s casino, if you prefer – which includes their selection of the top games from the flash version. The download gives you an overall better experience, but the flash version is quicker and sometimes more fun.

Multi-lingual support is available, and your queries are handled quickly and efficiently. There are several deposit options, including Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Neteller, and so on. As you may expect, there are various bonuses for creating your account, and some loyalty programs as well.

Having been around for quite some time, Unibet has established quite a reputation for itself, and is one of the favorites in the gambling community – so it’s worth checking it out today.