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The Internet is fun and addictive, to the point that you can spend a whole night in front of the computer, doing pretty much nothing – but it’s never been this fun and addictive before: Vera John takes this to a whole new level, with over 200 games to play, and consistent winnings available.

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Why play at VeraJohn online casino

Vera John has several features that make it one of the leaders on the online gambling market. The sheer diversity of the games available is impressive, to say the least. Considering that the development of an online casino is quite an expensive deal, most sites have just one or two types of games, and one type of software, limiting the player’s experience considerably. This is not the case with Vera John, which combines software applications from several industry leaders, such as Microgaming, Betsoft, and NYX. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll find the best games here, including some exclusives and world premieres; but, more importantly, you can also be certain that all games are fairly treated, with sophisticated security systems in place, so that all gamblers have fair chances, and nobody gets cheated out of their winnings.

There are many all-time favorites, such as Monopoly, as well as various video slot machines with progressive jackpots, and many games featuring amazing 3D graphics.
Various bonuses are available, when you first sign up with Vera John, but also later, with free draws and other goodies announced in their weekly newsletters. A site that actually sends newsletters you want to read – that’s almost unheard of, until now. Make sure you keep yourself informed about all these opportunities, as some of them are available only for a very short period of time, and it would be a pity to miss out on them.

The website of VeraJohn Casino

The layout of the site itself is quite simple and clear, which is precisely what you want in an online casino, so that you don’t get distracted while gambling. At the same time, it’s also easier on your browser, to make sure the games don’t lag – so that you can instantly see your winnings.

Vera John is the type of casino that will have you returning week after week, to spend your free draws, to check out the new games, and to try your luck at some of the old classics. There’s a little something for everyone, with one of the largest game libraries available today.

The customer support is also excellent, and you can ask all the questions you have, and spend hours talking to a support representative – they’re always eager to help and to provide immediate assistance with all your queries.

If you’re just a casual gambler, or no gambler at all, you can still have fun at Vera John with several free games, for which no real currency is used, only free tickets. Overall, this is a great friendly site, where you truly feel at home, but which still treats you like a valued customer. Both serious gamblers and people who just want to kill a bit of time will have a blast at Vera John.