Wild Rockets

Net Entertainment has probably provided the video slot game that brings with it fun and the irresistible expectancy of gambling. While it is of five reels just like other online video slot games, this one does not have all five symbols showing on every reel. However, the other amazing feature this game has is the fact that it has no pay lines. One can actually explore more than 700 ways of emerging a winner.

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About the video slot Wild Rockets

The slots game comes with the theme of fireworks. It takes you to a storeroom of fireworks. There are two cartoon characters in the game. In addition, the graphics contained in it are simply amazing. Among these, are the Bangers, Rockets and Catherine Wheels.

For a game to be enjoyable, it needs to have a good sounding effect. This was not ignored by Net Entertainment and they ensured that the sounding system stayed true to the theme. There are bangs as well as the sound of shooting rockets.

One gets to choose the amount to bet on. This can be as low as $0.50 or up to$100. In addition, there are four bet options to choose from. What this means is that you make the amount to bet on and proceed to get its product with one of the four bets you deemed fit. This gives you the prospectus amount you stand to win with every spin. The numbers of spins you are allowed to make are independent of this amount.

The Wild Rockets slot game also some a wild quality to it. There are three wild red rocket symbols that appear on the second, fourth and third reels. When these rocket symbols are seen, they usually provide a lot of fun. They move up and down the reel and do influence the other symbols to go wild as well.

The scatter symbol is also synonymous with this slot video game. It has green and blue rockets. Should you align three, four or even five of these symbols in adjacent reels, you get a number of bonus spins. You get a change in the background with these bonus spins. When you win, there is a fireworks ovation for you, and literally so.

This video slot game is no doubt meant to give you the most fun possible and a great gambling experience. With its amazing sound effects, the player gets the feel that he is dealing with rockets for real. The kind of display you get should you win is also exemplary with the fireworks salute being the climax.

This is a video slot game that has you fully engaged and all concentration. It gives you a lot of winning chances with its bonus plans. With this video slot game, you can be sure to have a sure bet with your money. It is just the perfect way to light up the casino. If you have been looking for a game that is worth it, then this slot game comes in handy.