Of all the video slots machines of the year, Zombies was probably the most anticipated, and one of the biggest hits. What can be more fun that undead brain-eating creatures that hand you large amounts of cash?

Play video slot Zombies

Zombies features charming symbols such as eye balls, canisters with toxic gas, gas masks, and, of course, brains, on 5 reels, with 20 paylines. In addition, it has other goodies to keep you entertained, such as the possibility to shoot zombies for cash prizes whenever a free spin is activated.

Besides zombies, the free spins also get winning multipliers, from 1x up to 10x, which will make you love those zombies every time you see them on screen.

Another great bonus of the game is the random wild, which substitutes symbols up to six times in a row, giving you more chances to win with the same bet. You can get the random wild on any spin, as long as it didn’t activate other bonuses, such as free spins or stacked wild.

There are two wildcards, and one of them can substitute any other symbol, except for the scatters. The second wild symbol is a zombie, which is stacked on the third reel, and can be nudged in order to make a winning combination.

The scatters are virus containers, and 3 or more of them will give you free spins with their respective multipliers.

With all these bonuses added up, Zombies is a great video slots machine, with a theoretic payout of 97.2%. Who would’ve thought that a post-apocalyptic scenario would be so profitable?

If you’ve had enough of zombies covered in toxic fog, you can always turn on the autoplay feature, and let the computer decide the odds for you. It’s not as much fun, but you could find considerable wins once you return to the computer, after you’re done with the dishes. Maybe enough to buy a new dishwasher, so you can get more time for the Zombies slot machine in the future.

You can check the table with payouts at any time while playing the game, by clicking any of the symbols on the reels. Keep in mind that only the highest win is paid for each line, but multiple bet lines are added up. Shooting the zombies earns you coins based on the wager level for the previous round (the one that activated the free spin, which in turn brought the zombies on screen), and the wins do not benefit from any multiplier.

The graphics of the game may not be the most amazing you’ve ever seen, but it’s creepy and scary enough, and only the most hardcore zombie gamers may complain about it. The Zombies video slot machine is as addictive as these things get – to the point that you may dream of zombies and brains after watching the reels roll for a few hours. Of course, depending on your winnings for the previous day, these dreams may actually be sweet dreams, since these Zombies are quite generous with all players, and they mean you no harm.